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American Share Insurance
All deposits made with Firefighters Credit Union are fully insured up to $ 250,000 per account. This unmatched level of protection is possible because of our affiliaton with American Share Insurance (ASI), the nation's largest private deposit insurer. ASI insures accounts, not individuals. Each account (including IRAs) is insured to this exceptional level of coverage. this institution is not federally insured, and if the institution fails, the Federal Government does not guarantee that depositors will get back their money.


Firefighters Credit Union Mission Statement:

Firefighters Credit Union is a member-owned and controlled financial institution. The mission is to offer the member a fair, diversified, competitive financial institution and to maintain the financial soundness of the Credit Union, ensuring continued growth.


The History of Firefighters Credit Union

Firefighters Credit Union was organized on March 1, 1956 at a meeting held at the old Fire Headquarters at 301 E. New York St. The purpose of the meeting was to bring into existence a cooperative venture to help meet the financial needs of firefighters and their families.

The original volunteer charter members were Russell Iverson, Chester S. Thomas, George A. Conley, Oliver Hayworth, Joseph F. Hancock, Arnold W. Phillips, Fletcher C. Maholm, Fred C. Dilger and Marion P. Harakas.

A subsequent meeting was held that brought forth these nine to volunteer as the initial Board of Directors: Charles P. Commons (Chairman), Jack O'Leary (Vice-Chairman), Estel Hangar (Treasurer), Robert Tuttle (Secretary), Russell Iverson, James Miller, Roy Pope, James Joyce, and Dan Hanley.

The original volunteer Credit Committee members were William Lynch, Francis Commons and Ollie Niemann. Likewise, the first volunteer Supervisory Committee members were Donald Bollinger, Kenneth Tull, and William Meyer.

Through the years, many other volunteers have given an enormous amount of time and effort to the Credit Union. Some of these long term supporters include Bill Cloud, Ed Pierce, Bob Morgan, Lou Drexler, Joe Kimbrew, Jeff Burnham, Doug Walker, Cordell Hurd Sr., Dave Cutshaw, Dick Harding, Paul Wilson, Bob Post, Carl Auch, Don Lamb and Bill Patterson.

In 1978, we purchased our location at 501 N. New Jersey. Much remodeling has been accomplished since that time to better serve our membership. We are proud to announce that since 1956, your Credit Union has become a full-service financial institution, offering technologically based products and services. In 2016 we built a new building at 726 Massachusetts Avenue. We are now located just a few blocks from the old office. Thank you for your continued support, as we value your membership.


ASI - Each account insured up to $250,000 by American Share Insurance. by members choice, this institution is not federally insured.

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