Attention Members :   Mobile Banking Deposit Reminder

When making a mobile deposit login to mobile banking from your phone, choose deposits from the menu, select new deposit, choose the checking account and enter the dollar amount. When endorsing the check on the back you need your account number, sign the check and the words "FOR FCU MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY and check the box next to the text that says mobile deposit only in order to receive credit for the deposit. Deposits must be made by 2:45 p.m. to receive same day credit. Holidays and weekends credit will be given the following business day.


Club Accounts are a convenient way to save. Just put a little money away with each pay period and come Christmas, vacation time or that special time in your life, you'll have the money you need for those unique purposes.

  • Christmas Club – Need a little help saving for the holiday shopping frenzy? Why not save a little with each payroll by opening a Christmas Club Account? By November 1st of each year, your Christmas Club money is automatically deposited into your Firefighters Credit Union savings account... just in time for the mall fury to begin. 
  • Special Shares – Are you saving for that new home down payment, engagement ring, dream vacation, or other special purpose? Use this account and deposit just a little each pay. Before you know it, you'll have the money you need for that special purpose in your life.

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